IPPC Design Docs 2020–2021

Luz - Drawings, Illustrations, Storyboards, and Character Development

For an International Plant Protection Convention promotional video.
Sound and animation by Marco De Mitri.
Last Updated: 2021-03-18

Frame-001-Hero-Luz-Design-t.jpg Frame 001 Hero Luz Design (~55mb zipped PSD file available per request)
Frame-001-Hero-Luz-Front-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 001 Hero Luz Front (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-001-Hero-Luz-Quarter-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 001 Hero Luz Quarter (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-001-Hero-Luz-Side-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 001 Hero Luz Side (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-002-Sun-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 002 Sun (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-003a-Approaching-Earth-Small-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 003a Approaching Earth Small (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-003b-Approaching-Earth-Large-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 003b Approaching Earth Large (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-004-Entering-Earth-atmosphere-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 004 Entering Earth Atmosphere (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-005-Luz-house-from-above-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 005 Luz House From Above (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-006-Luz-house-window-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 006 Luz House Window (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-007-Luz-breakfast-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 007 Luz Breakfast (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-008-Garden-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 008 Garden (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-009-Leaf-Alone-t.png Frame 009 Leaf (PNG)
Frame-009-Leaf-Luz-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 009 Leaf Luz (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-010-Theophrastus-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 010 Theophrastus (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-012-Potato-Alone-t.png Frame 012 Potato (PNG)
Frame-012-Potato-Plague-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 012 Potato Plague (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-013-Longhorn-Beetle-and-Tree-Damage-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 013 Longhorn Beetle And Tree Damage (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-013-Longhorn-Beetle-t.png Frame 013 Longhorn (PNG)
Frame-013-Tree-Damage-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 013 Tree Damage (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-013a-Fall-Army-Worm-Marching-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 013a Fall Armyworm Marching (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-013b-Fall-Army-Worm-Marching-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 013b Fall Armyworm Marching (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-013c-Fall-Army-Worm-t.png Frame 013c Fall Armyworm, no background (PNG)
Frame-014-Travel-and-Trade-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 014 Travel And Trade (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-014-Travel-and-Trade-With-Insects-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 014 Travel And Trade With Insects (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-015-Luz-smartphone-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 015 Luz Smartphone (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-016-IPPC-HQ-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 016 IPPC HQ (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-017-IPPC-Control-Room-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 017 IPPC Control Room (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-018-Ship-Inspector-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 018 Ship Inspector (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-019-Happy-farmers-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 019 Happy Farmers (1920x1080 JPG)
Frame-020-End-1920x1080-t.jpg Frame 020 End (1920x1080 JPG)
Plant-Guardian-Landscape-Illustration-IPPC_notes-t.jpg Plant Guardian Landscape Illustration IPPC - Notes (1920x1080 JPG)
Plant-Guardian-Landscape-Illustration-IPPC-1920x1080-t.jpg Plant Guardian Landscape Illustration IPPC - 1920x1080px (1920x1080 JPG)
Plant-Guardian-Landscape-Illustration-IPPC-3840x2160-t.jpg Plant Guardian Landscape Illustration IPPC - Full Size (3840x2160 JPG)
Storyboard 1 Storyboard 1 (PDF)
Three-Sisters-Color-Pencil-Illustration_Bean-t.png Three Sisters Color Pencil Illustration - Bean, no background (PNG)
Three-Sisters-Color-Pencil-Illustration_Corn-t.png Three Sisters Color Pencil Illustration - Corn, no background (PNG)
Three-Sisters-Color-Pencil-Illustration_Squash-t.png Three Sisters Color Pencil Illustration - Squash, no background (PNG)