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Ben Saunders and Tarka L’Herpiniere Arrive at South Pole ➶

30 December 2013

And they’re now on their way back!

In short, I’m afraid to say – though it’s probably quite apt – that I concur with Captain Scott himself when he said of the South Pole “Great God this is an awful place.” For him, of course, there was nothing there at all. A patch of snow at the heart of a barren, deeply inhospitable continent. For us, it felt like walking into a cross between an airport, a junkyard and a military base. Or perhaps a scene that was omitted from a Star Wars film: skiing along with sacks swinging from our backs, futuristic mirrored goggles and hoods framed by coyote fur, we looked like two bounty hunters approaching some sort of outpost on a frozen planet.