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Firefox 29’s Element Inspector’s Worse Usability

19 May 2014 · 1 minute read

This (before Firefox 29):

The useful Page Element Inspector.

Was much better than this:

The worse Page Element Inspector.

Instead of having the useful dropdown and inspector icons on the annotation box itself, you now need to move the mouse cursor to the markup in the HTML pane way down below and right-click with the mouse to see the options to copy inner or outer HTML, edit HTML, etc.

Paul Fitts would be pissed off.1

I am, too. Fortunately, Bugzilla exists.

  1. Although this problem is not a great example of Fitt’s law, it does apply: After selecting an element on the screen it is more difficult to move the mouse a long distance away from the element you want to manipulate in order to select an action; It is far better to have the list of actions near the selected element itself.