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Aqui Agora

Esta você vai gostar Betti…

Fotografia mostrando o Luis Lopes Correa apontando o dedo para a tela durante uma ediçao do Aqui Agora, jornal televisivo onde era apresentador.

Ta-da-ta-daaaaaaaaa, ta-da-ta-daaaaaaaaaaa! (356kb MP3).

Rythm Guitarist Tryout Set

Only one song with a woman, yet the singer is a girl, which should be interesting.

Rain by Guano Apes Crosstown Traffic by Jimi Hendrix Sin City by AC/DC Back in Black by AC/DC Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple Burden in my Hand by Soundgarden Hard to Handle by Otis Redding (Black Crowes version) Black Dog by Led Zeppelin Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin

Apple Computer Region Code Foolishness

Cory Doctorow on Apple’s ridiculous DVD region code restrictions. It’s ironic that I have to search for firmware hacks in order to view the DVDs I bought in other countries on my new iMac while hollywood laments video piracy.

Light Snow

Photograph of light snow on cars in a parking lot in Formello, Italy. The view-angle is looking down from a considerable height above. Tracks of a recently departed car are evident, as is the wind direction during the snow-fall.

In other news, man peed way out of avalanche.

Personal Computing Hope

A photograph showing the Mac mini personal computer against a white background. The Mac mini's design is minimal, with only a CD slot and status light on the front.

Update, 16 Jan 2005: John Gruber’s commentary

Update, 20 Jan 2005: Mac mini disassembly

Update, 29 Jan 2005: Jeremy Keith: “What excites me is the thought that my friends, neighbours and family members can find out for themselves that using a computer can be fun and creative instead of frustrating and toilsome.”

Mylius Yachts

Brochure cover for the small yet pleasurable Mylius 11E25 37' Yacht.


American Overseas School of Rome Print Work

Literary Magazine

Cover of the 2002 Edition of the AOSR Literary Magazine.

Literary magazine cover, 2002 Edition. Made with QuarkXpress!