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Post to Textpattern from Textmate With XML-RPC ➶

30 October 2006

Update 2007/08/08: The XML-RPC posting-from-Textmate-to-Textpattern functionality seems quite buggy and in my opinion is not worth pursuing at this time. One problem I’ve found is the disappearance of the URL title from a Textpattern article when updating a post via Textmate’s BundlesBloggingFetch Post, and as a consequence, a 404 Error.

For those of you who have asked for help with this, I’ve added some clarifications below. Cheers!

If this post is visible, then “this ( - Download 4.0 XML-RPC.)”: worked. Things that needed to be done:

“Download and install Textmate XML-RPC ( - Download 4.0 XML-RPC.)”:

Apply the “fix described in comment #20 here (Textpattern welog - XML-RPC support for Textpattern 4.0.3 is here.)”:

Make sure you have the “Textmate Blogging bundle (Textmate Blog - Blogging From TextMate.)”: installed. You can use the “GetBundle Bundle”: to easily get the blogging bundle and any other bundle you might like to bundle into Textmate. Bundle bundle bundle.

Make Textile be recognized as the syntax: Fire up Textmate, then on the menu bar: Bundles → Bundle Editor → Show Bundle Editor → Blogging → Blog Post (Textile), NOT Blog — Textile → CLICK ON:, and add Format: 1 under the Title: line like this:

Title: ${TM_BLOG_TITLE} Format: 1 ${TM_BLOG_HEADER} Main entry text

Main entry continued

Configure the RPC(Remote Procedure Call) endpoint URL(Uniform Resource Locator) to post to a specific Textpattern section (Menu bar → Bundles → Blogging → Setup Blogs) like this: For example, my site would be set up as follows:

Hypertexthero Dlog

To post to a site: Menu bar → File → New From Template → Blogging → Blog Post (Textile).

Fill in the Title of the post, the excerpt (main entry text) and body (main entry continued)

Either press Commang-Control-P or go to the Menu bar → Bundles → Blogging → Post To Blog. You will be given a list of blogs you have set up on step v. above. Select one and click OK. You’ll be prompted for your password before being able to post.