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What: nature

Pine and Oak, Yorkville, California, US, March 2007

Flower #3, Bracciano, Italy, November 2007

Tree in Street at Night, Rome, Italy, May 2007

Pine Cone, Mount Diablo, California, US, February 2007

Part of Flora, and upcoming series.

Hare, Badlands, South Dakota, US, June 2005

This is a good example of a photograph with elements that work which weren’t noticed at the moment of capture. The curved shapes of the reeds recall a jumping motion.

It’s also an example of a ‘low key’ picture, with predominantly dark tones, in this case reflecting the late time of day when the photo was taken.

Mushroom, Palo Alto, California, US, April 2006

Found in the morning in the Stanford campus.

Iron and Flowers, Palo Alto, California, US, April 2006

At the Stanford campus.