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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Jimmy Translates Miyamoto Musashi's Dokkōdō

Here’s Jimmy’s translation of someone else’s translation of Miyamoto Musashi’s Dokkōdō, or The Way of Walking Alone:

  1. Be confident. Be independent. BE BOSS!!!
  2. Don’t be a fucking lazy ass.
  3. Don’t be mean. Be nice.
  4. When you think or say something, mean it, whether it’s good or bad.
  5. Don’t worry about the word on the street. Be yourself and look on the bright side.
  6. You’re gonna die. Nothing lasts forever. Stop worrying and complaining and blaming. Fucking get on with your life the way you want to.
  7. If you want to live with a woman, find one you can have a good conversation and be friends with. Don’t obsess or love or hate anything—be fucking impartial and diplomatic.
  8. Enjoy eating good food and don’t be fucking picky.
  9. Don’t get attached to your fucking ipod or to some fucking religion.

Best to hear this in the ORAL TRADITION, but anyways: On Miyamoto Mushashi’s The Body of a MASSIVE ROCK:

“This is the oral tradition. Body like a rock means that as soon as a swordsman reaches the utmost world and is awakened spiritually, he is united with natural law. Like a rock, the law does not refer to neither objects or materials. The meaning of the massive body of rock is, An immovable place, an immovable mind… A mind which is free from other things, a natural, peaceful, free ranging mind.

In other words, don’t be a fucking Samurai—don’t serve. Be Boss!!!