Simon Griffee

I am a curious, visual people-person somewhat like a sponge for information who likes to daydream, to think, and to use tools to help bring smiles to the world with problem-solving and communication. ¶ I publish a candid notebook — also known as a blog — and edit a small project called imgtlk where people write about art that touched them. ¶ Have a look around and feel free to contact me to say hello or inquire about art direction, design and photography for your project. I am particularly interested in art, music, education, gender equality and basic income projects.

Work Samples

See more design or photography work, or take a peek at the notebook.

Kind Words

I’ve had the opportunity to review Simon’s professional work and have found it sound and appropriate and, at this point, shows significant growth.

For a designer of such creativity, Simon also demonstrates all the essential qualitities of a good colleague. He’s reliable, punctual, patient and good humored.

—Allison Jeffrey, Assistant Director, Italian Academy at Columbia University.

Simon?! I didn’t recognize you without the camera!

It was a privilege to have known and worked with Simon for six years. He did an excellent job and was an asset to our organization.

—Paola Sentinelli, Peer at FAO.

Thank you to everyone who has read my stuff over the years and given me such positive feedback. I would never have had the balls to apply for this job otherwise. Especially Simon Griffee who by encouraging me to write in the first place has unwittingly changed the course of my entire career. I owe you a visit and copious beers :)

—Jillian Dingwall, Writer.

Simon is a brilliant designer, a pleasure to work with, an open and creative person, honest and direct. I would recommend him for any position or assignment.

—Jon Cooper, Project Manager and IT Executive, European Artisans.