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Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Rio de Janeiro, 2022

Published 2022 February 19

Forum Romanum, Rome, 2022

Published 2022 February 10


Windward, Photographs by Simon Griffee is written in yellow on the bottom-left of the cover, which is a closeup of a black and white photograph of clouds.

Windward, my first book, is a poem for the world we inhabit. Written using light, it contains candid black and white photographs of life I have found on Earth between 2001 and 2021. You can see a few of the photos inside, and purchase a copy on Blurb.


In the present time the word “amateur” is usually used to describe a lack of skill or judgment.

I prefer its original meaning: A person in love with a particular pursuit, study, or science, especially one who cultivates any study or art from taste or attachment, without doing it chiefly for money, as a professional tends toward.

An amateur can observe and listen with fresh senses, without prior thought and experience getting in the way, and the result can be spectacolari solutions to difficult problems.


Home-Made Granola Cereal Recipe

Here’s how I make tasty cereal at home:


1-Year Twitch Subscriber Badge Drawing - Time

A pencil drawing of time.

A redrawing of an original illustration I did for the UN a few years ago, for the Hypertexthero stream!

Dogwood, Beacon, New York, 2021

Published 2021 November 10

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