Simon Griffee Design Photography Writing Illustration

Grand Canyon, Arizona, 2005

Published 2020 November 25

Join me for a flight from Monument Valley to the Grand Canyon on Twitch today at 14:00 EST.

3-Month Twitch Subscriber Badge Drawing - Earth

A pencil drawing of planet Earth.

Later today I am streaming an attempt to find a friend in Star Citizen.

2-Month Twitch Subscriber Badge Drawing - Tree

A pencil drawing of a tree.

I am back on air on Twitch with an updated schedule.

Pacific Ocean Near Big Sur, California, 2007

Published 2020 November 9

Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor, 2017

Published 2020 November 8

Terraza del Pincio, Rome, Italy, 2020

Published 2020 November 5

Pantheon, Rome, Italy, 2020

Published 2020 November 5

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