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Like many human beings I like to communicate in one of our oldest languages, drawing, with one of our great tools, photography. Drawing helps me feel and notice the world and time I live in and convey something of this to others.

I’ve been designing graphics and websites since 1999 and have worked with many people and organizations including Milton Glaser, Columbia University and the United Nations. I do my best to do work that causes no harm and supports a more united planet.

I’m currently a freelance designer and photographer based in New York City and a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).

With my digital photo booth that lives in my computer.

Self-portrait in the office.

With my Leica.

Self-portrait on the street.

Kind Words

For Simon with thanks for all your help. Milton Glaser.

Milton Glaser, Designer

Simon?! I didn’t recognize you without the camera!

Bruce Gilden, Photographer

Simon Griffee is an experienced and sophisticated designer who is one of the best we’ve ever worked with. He approaches his work as an art form, researches each assignment carefully, and consistently produces designs that are both rigorously conceived and surprising in their freshness and originality. His work is always arresting and it has generated much interest in our events and institution. Simon is reliable, likable and easy going. He’s also a great team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He would be a strong contributor to any setting in which he worked. I recommend him highly and without reservation.

—Allison Jeffrey, Assistant Director, Columbia University Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America

Simon is a talented designer and web developer. He is not only competent in his field but has exceptionally good taste. He can guide his customers from a very rough idea to a final product that both meets their functional needs and looks great. One thing that really distinguishes Simon is that he has ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills. He understands web development inside and out. At the same time he excels at listening to his colleagues and discerning what they really want. For better or worse, many work environments have interpersonal friction at some point or other. Simon is one of those people that exerts a calming influence on an office just by his presence alone. While “likability” is not necessarily a key criteria for hiring someone, bringing Simon onboard can make a good team better and a fractious team more manageable.

Bryan Berry, Infrastructure Engineer, Cycle Computing

I thought the ‘love and longing’ category was a nice touch full of humanity. All the photos are beautiful!

—Bianca Escobar, Senior Art Producer at Droga5

Thank you to everyone who has read my stuff over the years and given me such positive feedback. I would never have had the balls to apply for this job otherwise. Especially Simon Griffee who by encouraging me to write in the first place has unwittingly changed the course of my entire career. I owe you a visit and copious beers :)

—Jillian Dingwall, Writer

It was a privilege to have known and worked with Simon for six years. He did an excellent job and was an asset to our organization. Simon has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is well organized, trustworthy, can work in a team environment or independently, is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done and always brings a positive attitude to his work. His ideas and approaches to solve problems were often brilliantly simple.

—Paola Sentinelli, Developer and Database Administrator, International Plant Protection Convention, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Simon, As we finish another HS basketball season, as always, I bring up your memory. You are still the most natural passer and player I have ever coached. I am glad to finally get ahold of you again. Of course, by now basketball is probably just a historical event for you. I see that you are now successful in the world. If you are in China, look me up. All the best. Coach Elliott

—Mark Elliott, Director of Athletics at American International School of Guangzhou

I tried it and liked it. Thanks, Simon.

Tim Bray, one of the co-authors of the original XML specification

Apart from the layout and overall design, what is so wonderful about your work is your ability to blend the writing and the art in such a sophisticated way. One complements the other and the result is harmony and visual pleasure. Brilliant.

—Molly Bianchini, English Teacher, American Overseas School of Rome

Simon is a brilliant designer, a pleasure to work with, an open and creative person, honest and direct. I would recommend him for any position or assignment.

—Jon Cooper, Project Manager and IT Executive, European Artisans

Hi Simon, your work always fascinates me. At first your pages look a bit oversimplified, almost ‘empty’. But then the realization that everything is there and easily found begins to emerge and they become a pleasure to use. I am very happy with the way it looks, well done!

—Marco Marsella, Co-founder and Technical Director, IT Works