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Imaginary Lines

This project is an attack on the ideas of national borders, sovereign states, nationalism and the political division of human beings.

I created Imaginary Lines to serve as a place to chronicle and discuss my beliefs that nationalism is a divisive force responsible for much of the strife in the world, that national borders are harmful to all humans, and that no human being is ‘illegal’.

I believe that when one considers oneself ‘American’, ‘Brazilian’, ‘Chinese’ or any such terms one is separating oneself from other humans in the world and ultimately committing an act of violence. I consider organized religion in similar veins to national borders—divisive, destructive, dulling.

I encourage dialogue. I do not believe in absolutes. Awareness, truth in education, critical thought, intelligence, love, must prevail.

Simon Griffee
Bracciano, Italy
21 September 2008