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Hello, World

This site project is a spontaneous reaction to real events involving what I call imaginary lines, or abstract barriers, either in the physical world or in the human mind. These barriers are not real in the natural world. These are barriers imposed by humans.

These borders are created by others or by your own self whilst under the influence of others. They are created by power, by systems, by fear, by distrust, all of which are in turn created by a lack of true education, a lack of critical, individual thought and an absence of love. They are borders that delay or often stop you outright from following your dreams and destinies.

Some of the most common and most destructive examples of imaginary lines are political borders—indeed the idea of separate ‘countries’ itself—and organized religion (mechanical thought).

If you have had an experience involving imaginary lines, I encourage you to get in touch and share your story. I will publish it here if you wish, with or without your name, as you see fit.

Good places where imaginary lines are broken through, where real life and dreams and true education flourish, will be pointed to here as well—it will not all be doom and gloom!