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Monday, 30 June 2008

Evil Bosses - Pope Benedict XVI

This is #1 in a series called Evil Bosses, which will be in no particular order, with brief commentary when Jimmy feels like it.

PAPA Benedict XVI

Hey. Just look at the man. Hard to believe Leorge Gucas and fellow writers didn’t base the Evil Emperatore on this guy. And he’s just one. Even though the previous PAPA looked like a nicer guy, it doesn’t change the fact that being a PAPA means you are an evil boss of evil organization responsible for a lot of evil shit, including a STARRING ROLE in the current GLOBAL FOODSTUFFS CRISIS.

If some sleazoid on power trip ever tries to tell Jimmy what Jimmy should and shouldn’t put on private parts, hey, Jimmy will SMACK HIM with a pie in the face IF HE’S LUCKY. If he’s UNLUCKY and happens upon Jimmy on a bad day, hey, PAPA will be SLEEPING WITH THE FISHES in the bottom of the TEVERE across from his house faster than he can say “Jimmy Boss”.

And you vaticanos know what Jimmy’s talkin’ about. Boss of bosses of bosses of MAFIOSI around Italic Peninsula live in your walled compound in the center of Roma. So don’t pretend you’re not a criminal organization—Jimmy SEES right through smokescreen!

If PAPA is listening and is serious about helping world by, among other things, helping REDUCE the population instead of encouraging it to MULTIPLY like there’s no tomorrow, he should DISSOLVE Catholico Organization and just go away. And all people that believe what PAPA says need to get a grip on their own lives PRONTO.

Jimmy Boss out!!!