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Saturday, 3 September 2011

EX EM EL Notes

Articles Atomico XML and Commentary Atomico XML. What the fuck are these?

There are lots of sites on the internet that have links called ‘XML’, ‘ASS’ or ‘Atomico’ all over the fucking place. These tell you that you can find out about updates to the fucking site such as latest articles or latest comments without having to visit the site in your web browser.

The feature is called ‘syndication’, ‘aggregation’ or ‘subscribing’, and you usually use programs such as Vienna and even your own browser to read the fucking feeds.

Jimmy Boss thinks feeds and feed readers can be useful, like when you’re tracking a discussion CAREENED into, but have the potential of being a terrible waste of time, like fucking television. Instead of mindlessly reading a bunch of shit other people say and following herd, why not go fucking CREATE something of your own?

And feed readers can encourage a hectic, super information overload life. If you’re interested in what someone has to say, go to the site and read the stuff there when you remember it exists. If you don’t, it probably wasn’t worth reading anyway!

Jimmy still around, itching, due, ready and out.