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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Founders of The Organization

A photo showing Jimmy, Charlie and Frankie dressed in tuxedos in a restaurant for a PROM PARTY at night.

Jimmy, Charlie and Frankie, founding members of The Organization, pictured here relaxing at a Promenade. They’re ready to cause or ‘resolve’ trouble, depending on the SITUATION at hand.

Commentary for Founders of The Organization

1 On 2008.06.26 at 19:19 GMT thus spake Charlie:

Hey Jimmy, don’t make me come down there and wipe that stupid smile OFF YOUR FACE!
Same goes to you Frankie!

2 On 2008.06.26 at 22:51 GMT thus spake Jimmy Boss:

Charlie. You gotta take it easy on those falafels. I think they’re GETTING TO YOUR HEAD. You need a few plates of AMATRICIANA and some VINO ROSSO my friend. Come on down here. Frankie might be coming soon. And we’ll all sit down and talk family and business just like old times.

3 On 2008.06.30 at 06:30 GMT thus spake symbel:

Oh la la, the mafia is chasing you guys. La cosa nostra. Watch out guys. Franky take it easy, no getting beer from people’s house.

4 On 2008.06.30 at 07:08 GMT thus spake Jimmy Boss:

Doc Symbel THE SYMBIOTIC throwin’ out good advice!! Don’t worry DOC. We’ve got things under control, even though sometimes Frankie goes OUT of CONTROL, things are still kept under control because Jimmy The Boss keeps things stabilizado! Big kiss to THE DOC and Playground!!!

5 On 2011.09.03 at 07:18 GMT thus spake Nick "The Maniac Mister" Thiru:

Holy cow! I remember this pic!!! Jeeez!!!

6 On 2011.09.03 at 11:01 GMT thus spake Jimmy Boss:

The Maniac Mister!!!!!

Will upload photo of you soonest, sir!! Jimmy still lives… Remember: Rambo. Defender of freedom from valleys of darkness!!!