Simon Griffee
Design consulting, art direction, photography.

October 2005

I Ain’t Keak da Sneak

Bought da Ghetro PCS cellphone when I moved to da bay are-a. No one wit my numba’ but gettin’ hella lot o’ calls like hysteria. Hardcoh. Sometimes 3 o’clock in da mornin’. Brodas lookin’ fo Pete. Bitches callin’ fo Keats. Yeah, dat’s ma word.

Turn out Keats be da Keak be da Sneak. But I ain’t no Keak da Sneak!


I’m no Pete, I ain’t no Keats! (Fasho) I ain’t no Keak da Sneak! (Fasheezy) Got no destiny to save da hood! (Fasho) Just gotta be understood! (Fasheezy) I ain’t Keak da Sneak! (Fasheeeeze)

Dis be Santoro, not da Sneak, I don’t wanna repeat. Word.

de Young

Published 2005 October 17

Couldn’t make it to Startup school (Workshop organized by Paul Graham’s Y Combinator which I applied to and was curiously accepted.), but attended the de Young museum re-opening (At Golden Gate Park.) last night. After a long queue into outlandish architecture (San Francisco Gate article on the de Young design.), artwork amid wandering San Francisco freaks in varying states of intoxication. Great night in all.

O Tempo e o Vento

A graphic depicting the website.

Website design


A psychiatrist working in and around Rio de Janeiro, Brazil needed an anonymous place on the web to put his thoughts. He is not a computer expert and his access to computers is intermittent: the publishing system had to be easy, accessible and in Portuguese.


HyperTextHero designed a simple, elegant website which is as easy on the eyes as it is to publish to thanks to elegant open-source technology.

Work Done

Photography, Graphic design, HTML markup, CSS, template development and implementation.

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