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February 2006


Today was the final class in Gazi Garib’s Concept Design Workshop at Stanford University’s

My team worked on a ‘Storyteller Doll’ concept that would help children learn stories and languages. Here’s an image of the homepage mockup:

Homepage mockup of the Storyteller dolls website.

Garib is a natural designer and an inspiring educator. Thank you for letting me attend, Gazi!

Money Collector, Washington DC, Virginia, May 2005

Published 2006 February 13

On the bus from Washington DC to New York City.

About This Particular Macintosh Illustrations

ATPM needs cover art for every monthly issue of their magazine. I contributed artwork and also redesigned the ATPM website with modern web standards-based HTML and CSS.

The ATPM cover depicts the word 'Macintosh' in red, blue, and yellow bold letters emerging from a tangle of grey lines.

The ATPM cover is a cartoon of a person playing videogames on a Windows harddrive from the comfort of their Macintosh HD.

The November 2010 ATPM cover is a drawing of an Adobe Flash cage being opened by CSS, JavaScript and HTML5, releasing the open web.

The May 2008 ATPM cover is a photograph of my iMac in light and shadow.

About This Particular Macintosh Website Design

About This Particular Macintosh.


About This Particular Macintosh ( is an online magazine which has been was around since the beginning of the Web in 1995. The magazine symbolizes one of the best qualities of the internet: free content by a passionate community of volunteers.

ATPM’s design needed some refreshment to be brought up to date with modern web design techniques whilst keeping the familiar look and feel. I took the job.


I worked with Michael Tsai and Christopher Turner to create a new CSS-based layout, with more generous whitespace and other graphical refinements. The new layout and semantic markup also reduced the site’s file sizes by almost half.

Work Done

Graphic design, HTML markup, CSS.

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