Simon Griffee
Design consulting, art direction, photography.

November 2006

Torrevechia Circus Advertisement, Rome, Italy, May 2003

Published 2006 November 29

Walking to work after getting off the train. The harsh Roman summer light already strong at quarter-to-nine in the morning. Early days at Acotel.

Tourists and Mannequins, Rome, Italy, June 2004

Published 2006 November 29

Some denizens of Via del Corso.

Woman and Building, Rome, Italy, May 2004

Published 2006 November 19

Urban isolation enforced by architecture. Can the desire for privacy be excessive?

Man and Light Snow, Formello, Italy, January 2005

Published 2006 November 17

The snow and black and white treatment emphasize the symmetries in this photograph. Snow is rare in Formello, and in my life. It was a dream-like day.

Sunrise and Mist, Formello, Italy, December 2002

Published 2006 November 17

A morning seen from my window at Via del Forno, 2. The field in the bottom of the valley, still hidden by shadow and mist, was still earth and grass—il campo di calcio.

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