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April 2007

Statue and Palm, Rome, Italy, April 2007

Published 2007 April 29

Near Piazza Navona.

Man Walking Into Church, Rome, Italy, April 2007

Published 2007 April 28

In Piazza del Popolo during my second day back in Rome, the Eternal City. After traveling in the US for two years, I see this place with new eyes now, and many pictures await. Regular posting of photographs is back!

Mãe, Olgiata, Italy, 2003?

Published 2007 April 23

Com um dia de atraso… Feliz aniversario mãe! Te amo!

‘Catman’ aka ‘Blue’, Berkeley, California, US, April 2007

Published 2007 April 17

This is ‘Catman’, also known as ‘Blue’. He is one of the people living on the trees to stop University of California Berkeley from cutting down the oaks (

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California, US, February 2006

Published 2007 April 16

Fish, biologists and tourists.

Beto, London, UK?, 1982?

Published 2007 April 14

Feliz aniversario mano! Você é uma inspiração pra mim! Te amo!

Frankie in the Taqueria, Berkeley, California, April 2007

Published 2007 April 11

Frankie wasn’t impressed with the comment Jimmy made about his jumper, and he was going to let Jimmy find out.

Ice Cream, College Avenue, Berkeley, California, April 2007

Published 2007 April 11

My favourite, vanilla, is not in the picture.

Dad, Near St. Ives, UK, 1957?

Published 2007 April 6

One year older today, but always young, and always a rebel! I love you dad, and wish you a very happy birthday! See you soon!

Sunny Slope Avenue, Oakland, California, April 2007

Published 2007 April 6

Getting my first Leica was an unlucky experience (Marks on brand new M8 normal?). I fell in love with the feel of the camera however, and now have a new M8 along with a Leitz 50mm lens from the late 50s–60s in great condition acquired from International Camera in downtown Oakland. I went cycling around town to test the lens, and am happy to publish my first picture made with a rangefinder!

Fallen Redwood, California, US, March 2007

Published 2007 April 5

In a road-side grove in Mendocino County. A sepia/duo-tone treatment was used.

Rolling Hills, Badlands, South Dakota, US, June 2005

Published 2007 April 2

Driving through the Badlands toward Sage Creek campground. The paved road soon switched to undulating, hard dirt and pebbles—a nightmare in an old Saab with non-existent shocks.

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