Simon Griffee
Design consulting, art direction, photography.

June 2008

Mountain Top, Mount Diablo, California, US, February 2007

Published 2008 June 29

Geoff jumps up!

Statue and Tourists, Rome, Italy, April 2007

Published 2008 June 26

In Piazza del Popolo.

Scene in Café Grand’Italia, Bracciano, Italy, November 2007

Published 2008 June 25

IT Works Website

A graphic depicting the IT Works website.

IT Works

Website design


IT Works was a small, successful company specializing in custom software development projects. IT Works needed their expertise to be more widely known in order to expand their customer base.


A solid, accessible website built upon web standards was created. The simplicity of the site quickly and clearly sums up IT Works’ work.

Work Done

Graphic design, HTML markup, CSS.

Amber and Brincadeira, Bracciano, Italy, July 2007

Published 2008 June 23

Self Portrait, Bracciano, Italy, June 2008

Published 2008 June 22

For me self portraiture has always been for fun, usually to show-off my alter ego, “Jimmy Boss (Jimmy The Boss":

I think that doing it seriously is most difficult because you have to know yourself for the portrait to say something about yourself.

To understand yourself is invaluable because it means understanding other humans as well. Gnothi Seauton

Boys on Bicycles, Sevilla, Spain, March 2008

Published 2008 June 21

Flamenco Bar Scene, Sevilla, Spain, March 2008

Published 2008 June 21

Woods and Olive Grove, Bracciano, Italy, September 2007

Published 2008 June 19

Children on Door Step, Bracciano, Italy, October 2007

Published 2008 June 18

Imaginary Lines

Imaginary Lines

Website design

I was reading a lot of Jiddu Krishnamurti, so I made a website to write and link to things concerning conflict caused by division caused by fear. Borders, nationalism, organized religion and so on.

Work Done

Graphic design and web design.

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Girl and Helicopter, Bracciano, Italy, June 2007

Published 2008 June 3

I took this less than a minute before this shocking photograph of the airshow crash we witnessed here in Bracciano on Monday, June 1st 2008.

When I saw the helicopter reach the top in its final maneuver, I had a similar thought to David Cenciotti’s:

“…as soon as the aircraft’s nose was diving towards the lake, I understood that the pilot could not recover the chopper before touching the water.”

The people in the pedalino were very lucky, as were the two survivors in the helicopter (Video showing the force of the crash.). The pilot, Cap. Filippo Fornassi, died. My sincere condolences to Mr. Fornassi’s family and friends. It was a terrible day.

Clouds, Landscape, Wyoming, US, June 2005

Published 2008 June 2

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