Simon Griffee
Design consulting, art direction, photography.

April 2017

Rue Saint Honoré, Paris, France, May 2015

Published 2017 April 30

With Odila & Gianluca at Da Teo, Rome, Italy, January 2017

Published 2017 April 21

Marco Fusi Poster

Poster for experimental violinist Marco Fusi.

Poster for experimental violinist Marco Fusi

Beto and Simon, England, 1982

Published 2017 April 14

Photo by Peter Griffee.

Contradictions #

Tim Bray:

I don’t miss Marx­ism as a frame­work, but let’s not kid our­selves that the symp­toms it was try­ing to ad­dress are be­hind us.

Dad and Piccola, Formello, Italy, October 2011

Published 2017 April 6

Miss you, dad.

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