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Design consulting, art direction, photography.

March 2019

Broadway and City Hall Park Path, New York City, 2015

Published 2019 March 25

Eucalyptus Tree, East Bay Area, California, 2007

Published 2019 March 22

Cat and Flowers, Cyclades Islands, Ancient Greece, AC Odyssey, 2019

Published 2019 March 21


Campo de’ Fiore, Rome, Italy, 2007

Published 2019 March 17

Dogwood Bar, Beacon, New York, 2019

Published 2019 March 16

Drawing, New York City, 2019

Published 2019 March 14

Amber, Navajo Nation, Naabeehó Bináhásdzo, 2005

Published 2019 March 12

Navajo Nation, Naabeehó Bináhásdzo, 2005

Published 2019 March 11

5th Avenue, New York City, 2017

Published 2019 March 8

Drew at Quinn’s, Beacon, New York, 2019

Published 2019 March 6

Regarding #sprayandpray, I once heard a story that affected me greatly. It went something like this:

In the beginning of a pottery class the teacher announced she was making two groups: One was to be graded only on the quantity of the pots produced. The other exclusively on the quality of a single pot.

On the last day of class, after one year, a curious thing happened. The pots of highest quality were all made by the group that was to be graded on quantity.

While the ”quantity” group was making lots of work and learning from their mistakes, the ”quality” group had discussed perfection endlessly and focused on a single pot the entire time, which in the end was not very good.

I used to be afraid of negative reactions to things I made, and was firmly in the ”quality” group, dwelling and waiting to be able to make the ”perfect” thing. After some time I realized that ”talented” people were actually people who worked hard on something they were interested in and spent a lot of time making different versions of things.

Later one may have the experience to make only one thing and do it very well, but not without first spending time making a lot of things. I consider myself an amateur who has been lucky to work with and learn from a few masters, including some sporting white beards, but I don’t believe in prayer — I believe in better chance!

River Light

A piece of a song I am working on set to today’s setting sun on the Hudson River. 🎸 🌊 Video, composition, bass & electric guitar: Simon Griffee. ☀️ ⛵️ Thanks to Rafa and Fender for the stratocaster, Amber for the cable and jam, Chris for the iPhone, and Apple for Garageband. 🎶

Arciuli Migrations Poster, 2019

Published 2019 March 2

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 7pm the Italian Academy Presents:
Solo piano.
Part of Carnegie Hall’s Migrations: The Making of America Festival

John Corigliano
Fantasy on an Ostinato

Nino Rota
8 Preludes

Chick Corea
Children’s Songs

Curtis Cacioppo
Armed and Dangerous

Missy Mazzoli
Isabelle Eberhardt Dreams of Pianos

Frederic Rzewski
Down by the Riverside & Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues

Free Admission
First-come, first-seated. Doors open at 6:30 PM

In the Teatro of The Italian Academy, Columbia University
1161 Amsterdam Avenue (south of 118th Street) New York City

East Main Street, Beacon, New York, 2019

Published 2019 March 1

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