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Design consulting, art direction, photography.

April 2019

George Clooney with Alexander Cooney at the Italian Academy, Columbia University, New York City, 2019

Published 2019 April 25

Dear Alex,

Here are the pictures of Tom — er, I mean, Alex — with George!

Let me know if you have trouble accessing these — will give Google Drive a kick on the server rack if so.

Thanks to you, who showed up at an opportune moment, and to Corinne and to Rick for confirming the presence of our humanitarian, movie and Italian coffee man in the house.

Good night, and good luck!

All the best,

PS. George was there with Amal Clooney to introduce the Clooney Foundation for Justice’s global court-monitoring program called Trial Watch.


34th Avenue, Queens, New York City, 2016

Published 2019 April 25

Via dei Fori Imperiali, Rome, Italy, 2010

Published 2019 April 24

Mãe at Pensa Per Te, Formello, Italy, 2015

Published 2019 April 21

Last Minute Cable

You have three deadlines approaching, including moving to a new apartment with no furniture in a coop building that has not yet approved your tenancy. What do you do? Make Last Minute Cable!

Screenplay, location scouting, casting, stunts, cinematography, editing & direction by yours truly. Dedicated to Respo.

Palm Sunday, Via di Porta Angelica, Rome, Italy, 2012

Published 2019 April 20

Point Zero, Parvis Notre-Dame, Paris, France, 2013

Published 2019 April 17

Queue, London, UK, 2008

Published 2019 April 17

Piazza Venezia, Rome, Italy, 2014

Published 2019 April 16

Aloïs and Vincent, Paris, France, 2013

Published 2019 April 15

Giglio Campese, Isola del Giglio, Tyrrhenian Sea, 2013

Published 2019 April 14

Piazza del Colosseo, Rome, Italy, 2014

Published 2019 April 11

First Picture of a Black Hole, Messier 87, Local Universe, First Imaged 2017, Published 2019

Published 2019 April 10

A picture representing a stunning triumph by humanity, made by diverse Earthlings, using many observatory arrays around Earth, and Earth itself, as a telescope.

5th Avenue, New York City, 2015

Published 2019 April 9

Piazza del Colosseo, Rome, Italy, 2013

Published 2019 April 8

Giardino degli Aranci, Rome, Italy, 2018

Published 2019 April 7

Mahicantuck, Hudson River, New York, 2019

Published 2019 April 7

Dad’s Driving Licence, Zambia, 1967

Published 2019 April 5

Thanks to Beu Griffee for sending and for Katie Griffee for bringing me this memento of my late father, Peter Griffee.

GRS 20190405 194210

I miss you, dad.

5th Avenue, New York City, 2015

Published 2019 April 5

Piazza del Colosseo, Rome, Italy, 2014

Published 2019 April 4

Julia Den Boer 2019 Poster, New York City, 2019

Published 2019 April 3

Poster design for Julia Den Boer’s upcoming concert at the Italian Academy.

Rime - Dante’s Workshop of the Heart, New York City, 2019

Published 2019 April 3

Poster design for the Global Dante Project of New York’s one-day conference happening at both lovely Italian houses of New York — the one near Columbia and the one near NYU. ¶ Directors: Maria Luisa Ardizzone · NYU & Teodolinda Barolini · Columbia University ¶ A One Day Conference · Friday · April 5 · 2019 ¶ Morning Session: Columbia (Italian Academy), 9 am–1 pm, 1161 Amsterdam Ave. (south of 118th St.) ¶ Afternoon Session: NYU, (Casa Italiana): 3 pm–6 pm, 24 West 12th Street (Greenwich Village) ¶ Presented By: New York University · Department of Italian Studies ¶ Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò · Medieval D Renaissance Center ¶ In Collaboration With: Columbia University · Department of Italian ¶ Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America.

Mãe e Eu, Passo Fundo, Brazil, 1978

Published 2019 April 1

Fotografia por Odila Griffee de fotografia por Peter Griffee.

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