Simon Griffee
Design consulting, art direction, photography.

November 2019

Dawn Ride

Riding at the break of dawn with my Red Dead Redemption avatar, Joan Rambo. ¶ She has a revolver and a rifle, but thanks to the graphics, animations and sound quality, spends most of her time slowly riding her horse, listening to the wild.

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Raul, Rome, Italy, 2016

Published 2019 November 15

Boa viajem, tio.
Te amo,

Bayou, Southeast USA, 1890s

Published 2019 November 12

Monday & Tuesday Todo, New York City, November 2019

Published 2019 November 5

Biology enables, Culture Forbids

How can we distinguish between what is biologically determined from what people merely try to justify through biological myths? A good rule of thumb is ‘Biology enables, Culture forbids.’

—Y.N. Harari, Sapiens, Chapter 8, There is No Justice in History

Rambo, a Sapien. Click to go to Sapiens.

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