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June 2020

Milton Glaser

A color drawing of a dog by his dead owner’s feet and a typewriter.
Milton Glaser’s poster for the Olivetti Valentine typewriter.

Today I called my mother in Italy and she told me she read in a newspaper there that Milton Glaser died last night, on his 91st birthday. Mom has one of Milton’s posters that he gave to me, and I gave to her. Although she never met him she was, like many, touched by his work.

It took me a while to absorb this, but tears came as I waited in line at the farmer’s market, later in the morning.


Forest, New York City, 2020

Published 2020 June 24

Photo to illustrate the New Day post at Hypertexthero.

Manhattan, New York City, 2019

Published 2020 June 21

West Harlem, New York City, 2018

Published 2020 June 19

Today is Juneteenth, and I am angry at us human beings.

Antistasi Amazons, Altis, June 2020

Published 2020 June 12

Antistasi Amazons is a basic modification (mod) of a dynamic long-term “Capture The Island” mission called Antistasi for the video game landscape orienteering and combat simulator Arma 3. Read more at Hypertexthero.

Howard City, Michigan, 2019

Published 2020 June 7

Upper Bay, New York, 2019

Published 2020 June 7

Hooded Face, Seville, Spain, 2008

Published 2020 June 3

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