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What: ad

Bus, Rome, Italy, September 2009

Tram in Viale Trastevere, Rome, Italy, September 2008

Pictures of surfaces with reflections remind me of human thought…Flowing all over the place, with glimpses of ideas, shapes of memories, constant movement… These pictures remind me of J. Krishnamurti’s writing about thought, knowledge and the need for your mind to be still (Freedom From The Known - Jiddy Krishnamurti.), free from anxiety.

Man Looking at Ad in Metro, Rome, Italy, November 2007

Hanging Business Sign, San Francisco, California, December 2006

Seen in the Mission district.

Torrevechia Circus Advertisement, Rome, Italy, May 2003

Walking to work after getting off the train. The harsh Roman summer light already strong at quarter-to-nine in the morning. Early days at Acotel.