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What: cat

Cat Sleeping, New York City, 2020

Pencil and color marker on sketch paper.

Lucrecia with Mom and Dad, Italy, 2011

Cat and Flowers, Cyclades Islands, Ancient Greece, AC Odyssey, 2019


Via del Forno, Formello, Italy, June 2018

Apartment in Via di San Giovanni in Laterano, Rome, Italy, June 2013

Amber and Lastorta, Rome, Italy, September 2014


Felines in NYC, March 2017.

Somebody asked “What’s your workday like?” and it occurred to me that writing this down may be useful, so here is my answer.


Dad and Piccola, Formello, Italy, October 2011

Miss you, dad.

Creating a Personal Website Using GitHub Pages

The GitHub mascot is known as an ‘octocat’ — a cross between two very intelligent animals. I drew the one above for you, dear reader. Summary: A brief overview of Git and GitHub followed by pointers to instructions on creating your own personal website hosted at for free. Git & GitHub Git is software for version control of files to help a person or a group of people do, publish and keep track of their work.


Amber, Lastorta and Zucchina, Rome, Italy, September 2013

5th Avenue Near West 50th Street, New York City, August 2015

Frankie in Washington Square Park, New York City, April 2016

Was good to see you, my friend.

Dad With Piccola, Formello, Italy, October 2011

Thanks for looking after me, dad. I miss you.

Maude, New York City, May 2015

I’ll miss you, Maude!

East 38th Street, New York City, January 2015