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Hoover Dam, Arizona, US, July 2005

Hoover Dam (Wikipedia - Hoover Dam.) spillway tunnel.

Hoover Dam #2, Arizona, US, July 2005

Abstract shapes in Hoover Dam.

Colorado Near Bright Angel, Grand Canyon, Arizona, US, July 2005

The cold water from a creek flowing into the Colorado River was pure joy and relief. In mid-afternoon, the thermometer in the Bright Angel campground showed 38 degrees Centigrade in the shade, which meant mid-to-high 40s in the sun.

The ranger there recommended sitting in the creek, with clothes on, soaked, to keep body temperature normal.

These sands on a beach near the campground are bathed in light reflected off the towering walls carved by the river.

Clouds and Rockies, Colorado, US, June 2005

Looking at the Rocky Mountains out the car window. Near Leadville.