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Complementary Books & Videogames

A list of good book and videogame pairings, last updated 2018 March 28:


Star Trek: 50 Years

I watched the entire Original Series of Star Trek during a hot summer in Tunisia in 1993. From those days onward my friends Mo and Will became Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk and I assumed the alter-ego identity of Doctor “Bones” McCoy. I don’t know why we identified with the characters, perhaps in part from a sense of optimistic people — friends — working together towards a common goal, in exploration of the cosmos and a vision of a universe where we have left the divisions of our planet behind.


Shortly Before the Alien Apocahoppalypse Party, Playground Cooperative House, Oakland, California, February 2007. Photograph by Margo or Kim.


Climate Change Communication

“Earthrise” in original orientation taken by Bill Anders on 24 December 1968. A young person working in a United Nations organization recently told me it is not certain that human activities are changing the climate on Earth. This is worrying. I decided to go through the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report and came across the WGII AR5 Volume-wide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Here are two of the answers (the numbers are references to chapters in the report which contain the sources for the answer):



Carl Sagan holding the Pioneer plaque. If you know who the photographer is please let me know. The successor to Carl Sagan’s classic work of education about the cosmos — the universe seen as a well-ordered whole — begins tonight1. Here’s a trailer2. The original is as relevant today as it was thirty years ago and if you are at all interested in the greatest of questions and grandest of mysteries please watch the series and read the book as they complement each other perfectly.