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Biology enables, Culture Forbids

How can we distinguish between what is biologically determined from what people merely try to justify through biological myths? A good rule of thumb is ‘Biology enables, Culture forbids.’

—Y.N. Harari, Sapiens, Chapter 8, There is No Justice in History


Powwow, Inwood, New York City, 2019

During the wonderful Drums Along The Hudson Native American and Multicultural Celebration yearly event.

Perceptive Game Writing

A pencil drawing of a woman walking and holding a notebook and a sword.
Illustration by Simon Griffee.

Computer games increasingly shape young people’s education as we are surrounded by computers, even carrying them in our pockets.

This can be positive, but like our attention, and most things that we make, the majority of games and commentary about them are shallow, so it is worthwhile to shine a light on good writing about games.

Here are some favorites.


International Observatory for Cultural Heritage Logotype

IOCH logo.


Star Trek: 50 Years

I watched the entire Original Series of Star Trek during a hot summer in Tunisia in 1993. From those days onward my friends Mo and Will became Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk and I assumed the alter-ego identity of Doctor “Bones” McCoy. I don’t know why we identified with the characters, perhaps in part from a sense of optimistic people — friends — working together towards a common goal, in exploration of the cosmos and a vision of a universe where we have left the divisions of our planet behind.


Shortly Before the Alien Apocahoppalypse Party, Playground Cooperative House, Oakland, California, February 2007. Photograph by Margo or Kim.