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Thank You, Andrew Yang

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Thank you to Andrew Yang for moving the conversation about a universal basic income — or freedom dividend, as explained by the above graphic made by his campaign — forward. ¶ This planet urgently needs thoughtful, intelligent leaders like Yang, and I hope he becomes a member of the next cabinet, or mayor of a city like New York. ¶ Not right. Not left. Forward.

Contradictions #

Tim Bray:

I don’t miss Marx­ism as a frame­work, but let’s not kid our­selves that the symp­toms it was try­ing to ad­dress are be­hind us.

A Basic Income for Every Human Being

Food Shelter Clothes

I’ve recently been discussing the idea of a basic income for all human beings with a skeptical friend. I tell him that just because something hasn’t worked (or been tried) before doesn’t mean it can’t work. That’s how new ideas and paradigm shifts happen.


1-Minute Arguments For A Basic Income For All Human Beings

I came across Timothy Roscoe Carter’s article The One Minute Case for a Basic Income and made the following flyer using a lightly copy-edited — thanks to Amber — version:

1-Minute Arguments For A Basic Income For All Human Beings

Download a PDF.

A Universal Income is Not a Silly Idea

It is a great idea.