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What: eyebrows

Via di Sant’Andrea delle Fratte, Rome, Italy, January 2014

Happy Street Photography Day!

Broadway and 42nd Street, New York City, May 2015

5th Avenue at 41st Street, New York City, February 2015

Palazzo Farnese, Rome, Italy, May 2014

This is Day 2 of 5 of black and white photo fest, where, after being named by John Ryan Brubaker, I’m to post one black and white photo per day and name a photographer I would like to see do the same. Today I name Gaspar Hijo de Carlos.

Piazza di Spagna, Rome, Italy, September 2013

Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, Paris, France, May 2013

Via Ottaviano, Rome, Italy, March 2013

Viale Aventino, Rome, Italy, January 2012

Via di San Pietro in Carcere, Rome, Italy, November 2012

Ponte Cestio, Rome, Italy, June 2012

Walking at Noon, Rome, Italy, July 2008