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What: friendship

Zebra Friends Forever

A selection of apparel with a pencil drawing of two zebra friends together on various colorful backgrounds.

In the end of 2019 I made a pencil drawing of two zebras to send to friends.


42nd Street Station, New York City, August 2018

Photograph by A.R.P. Art direction by S.P.G. Thanks to M.M.

96th Street Station, New York City, August 2018

With Odila & Gianluca at Da Teo, Rome, Italy, January 2017

George Dibbern, Citizen of the World #
Quest is a book by sailor-philosopher and self-declared citizen of the world George Dibbern, who renounced his German passport in 1940 and created his own with the following declaration: I, George Dibbern, through long years in different countries and sincere friendship with many people in many lands feel my place to be outside of nationality, a citizen of the world and a friend of all peoples. I recognize the divine origin of all nations and therefore their value in being as they are, respect their laws, and feel my existence solely as a bridge of good fellowship between them. …continue

Self-Portrait With Marcos at Ear Inn, New York City, September 2015

5th Avenue, New York City, July 2015

Broadway & 110th Street, New York City, July 2015

With Will at Grand Central, New York City, April 2015

Meeting an old friend after 10 years. Photograph by Amy.

8th Avenue, New York City, March 2015

2,317,776 Light-Seconds from Earth in 3300

Voyager 1 in Elite: Dangerous.

Came across Voyager 1 while flying around the Cosmos in Elite: Dangerous! It is where it should be in the year 3300.

Elite is the most inspiring artwork I experienced in 2014.