Simon Griffee Visual design, photography, writing, illustration

What / glass

5th Avenue


Anima Mundi

Associazione Culturale, Via Clementina

Avenue of the Americas

Avenue of the Americas Near West 4th Street

Bar at Campese

Bar Door in Formello

Beto in Argiano

Broken Advertisement Display

Canal Street


Cracked Window

Diana, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Druid’s Den

Ice Cream, College Avenue


Masters Eskinazi and Griffee at Northwest Corner Building, Columbia University

Museo Delle Cere With Palazzo Venezia Reflection

One World Trade Center from West and Vesey Street

Place Georges Pompidou

Queens Boulevard Near 33rd Street

Restaurant Window

Rue Saint Honoré

San Calisto

Self-portrait in Via Panisperna

Via Cavour

Via di San Nicola de’ Cesarini

Viale Aventino

Villa Miani

West 4th Street

Yankee Clipper Diner

Young Man and Phone