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Via di San Gregorio, Rome, Italy, 2014

Creating a Personal Website Using GitHub Pages

The GitHub mascot is known as an ‘octocat’ — a cross between two very intelligent animals. I drew the one above for you, dear reader. Summary: A brief overview of Git and GitHub followed by pointers to instructions on creating your own personal website hosted at for free. Git & GitHub Git is software for version control of files to help a person or a group of people do, publish and keep track of their work.


Web Design: Where to Begin

To make good websites you need good writing skills. Clear writing is good web design. You also need to know some Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to define your content (text, images, etc) in a way a web browser can understand, and some Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control how this content is presented. Begin by reading the classic article on web design: A Dao of Web Design. Then: On the Web Any of the following resources (I particularly like Simple & Useful) are good ways forward:


Temple of Literature, Hanoi, Vietnam, April 2010