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Pencil Illustrations for the United Nations Archives

Pencil illustrations made to represent various concepts for the United Nations Archives.

Pencil illustrations made the the UN Archives Section.


Watercolor for Arjomand Poster, New York City, 2019

Watercolor painting for a poster announcing Ramin Amir Arjomand’s upcoming 2019 November 7th concert at Columbia University’s Italian Academy.

The poster:

Arjomand2019 Poster 24x16in B Watercolor

The flyer: Arjomand2019 Flyer 8.5x11in B Watercolor

Italian Music by Women Drawing, New York City, November 2018

Face Poster, New York City, November 2017

New poster for composer Pierluigi Billone and Talea Ensemble’s concert at the Italian Academy.

Taka Kigawa Poster

Taka Kigawa poster.

Poster for pianist Taka Kigawa’s upcoming concert at the Italian Academy on 25 October 2017.

Taka Kigawa 2017 Poster, New York City, September 2017

New poster for pianist Taka Kigawa’s upcoming concert at the Italian Academy on 25 October 2017.

Spectrum Poster for the Italian Academy at Columbia University

Italian Academy poster.

Poster for the Italian Academy, a Columbia University research center for multidisciplinary inquiry.

Polar Bear With Map, New York City, December 2016

Made with pencil, a brown paper bag and Photoshop.

Poster Background for Experimental Musician, New York City, March 2017

Uses a photo of wood I took while going for a coffee combined with an amazing thing called a Smith chart that I found on the Internets.

Wind & Water, New York City, January 2017

Time, New York City, January 2017

Abstract Figure, New York City, November 2016

A Basic Income for Every Human Being

Food Shelter Clothes

I’ve recently been discussing the idea of a basic income for all human beings with a skeptical friend. I tell him that just because something hasn’t worked (or been tried) before doesn’t mean it can’t work. That’s how new ideas and paradigm shifts happen.


Primo Levi Poster

Primo Levi 2016 poster.

Monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and to act without asking questions.”

—Primo Levi

Creating a Personal Website Using GitHub Pages

The GitHub mascot is known as an ‘octocat’ — a cross between two very intelligent animals. I drew the one above for you, dear reader. Summary: A brief overview of Git and GitHub followed by pointers to instructions on creating your own personal website hosted at for free. Git & GitHub Git is software for version control of files to help a person or a group of people do, publish and keep track of their work.