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The Core 100 Logotype Design

Columbia University’s Centennial Celebration of its Core Curriculum has begun and you might spot a strange logo here and there around the campus. Having designed the logotype, I wanted to give a visual overview of the work involved in making it.

Notebook page with Core 100 logotype design notes.


International Observatory for Cultural Heritage Logotype

IOCH logo.


Odyssey Mentoring Program Logotype

Odyssey Mentoring Program logo.

RIP Seymour Papert #

Logo was my first exposure to programming back in São Paulo. Goodbye, Seymour — I’ll never forget the turtle cursor! See also: Discussion at Hacker News and Scratch, which appears to be Logo’s spiritual successor.

Tradecamp Logotype

Logotype for Tradecamp, a web startup. Logotype design for a web startup.

IPPC Logotype Redesign

International Plant Protection Convention logotype redesign.


Food and Agriculture Organization Biotech

Logotype for the Food and Agriculture Organization's Biotechnology division.