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My Photographs and Amber’s Writing About Fez, Morocco on BBC Travel

Screenshot of The Stories and Secrets of Fez on the BBC Travel website.


The city of Fez – the third largest metropolis in Morocco – has expanded far beyond its original 9th-century borders and has modernised in many ways. But its medieval medina, the oldest market in the world, remains the heart of the city, a Unesco World Heritage site that houses a maze of narrow, twisting streets where people gather, shop, eat and pray. Fez’s medina is also a perfect place to uncover the stories, and the secrets, of the people who live and work behind its walls. As author Paul Bowles, who lived in Tangier for 52 years, wrote: “The blank wall is [Fez’s] symbol, but it is this very secretiveness, which gives the city its quality.” (Simon Griffee)

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BBC Travel The Stories & Secrets of Fez Photographic Essay

Photographic essay for BBC Travel with writing by Amber Paulen. See the photographs in the BBC Travel website

A photograph from the picture story.