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Frostblade NeWT Update, New York City, 2020

This is for the hundreds of people emailing and calling at all times about Condensed Anthem Lazer Power: Frostblade NeWT: All the parts are here and the build was begun, but when I opened the motherboard’s CPU socket I found bent pins and had to return the goddamn thing. So, delays!

Never worry. Frostblade NeWT is not lost, only delayed, especially since mini-ITX mobos seem to have shot up in price recently with incompetent geopolitical clowns in charge on both sides of the Pacific.

Like the robo-muscleman in the Linda Hamilton films, my video game streaming behemoth will be back, and you can get a glimpse of how sultry it looks in the photo above. So calm cool. I will keep you updated.


PS. By the end of northern hemisphere summer 2020 you will be able to see me work, one form of which is, in 2020, to actually play video games while speaking with strangers on the internet.

Condensed Anthem Lazer Power: Frostblade NeWT

Condensed Anthem Lazer Power: Frostblade NeWT

The logotype for my new video game playing and streaming PC, Condensed Anthem Lazer Power: Frostblade NeWT, was designed using two of the greatest typefaces in the history of typography: Futura and Comic Sans.