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Comet NEOWISE C/2020 F3, Big Dipper, and Cattails, Michigan, 2020 July 25

It was good to see you.

Comet NEOWISE C/2020 F3 and Cattails, Michigan, 2020 July 25

Goodbye, long orbiter.

Carapicuíba, São Paulo, Brazil, c. 1988

My friend Gus and I photographed by my father, Peter Griffee.

Times Square, New York City, June 2018

Bruno and Orion’s Belt at Campo de’ Fiore, Rome, Italy, November 2017

Moon and Fire, Beacon, New York, June 2016

Queens Boulevard Near Van Dam Street, New York City, May 2016

Joshua Tree, California, January 2007

Inwood, New York City, May 2016

Lunar Eclipse, Airliner, Clouds, Stars, New York City, 27 September 2015

See a larger version.

Earth Among the Stars

Earth Among The Stars in HTML and CSS.

HTML, CSS, Monospaced Font

I was reading Carl Sagan and Olaf Stapledon and decided to make a simple HTML and CSS experiment. See also: A typography template.

Rocks in Moonlight, Joshua Tree, California, US, January 2007

Twenty-five second exposure at around eight p.m. in Jumbo Rock campground at Joshua Tree national park. Mirror lock-up (Understanding Mirror Lock-Up - was used. I believe the bright constellation on the top-right is Orion.

Oil Field at Night, Near Taft, California, US, January 2007

On the drive down to Joshua Tree I passed through the Mordor (Wikipedia - Mordor.) of California.

I got out of the car and could see the relationships in the image; the movement of the pumps, the light of the refineries obscuring the stars and even the moon, reflected off the roof of the car, the red and yellow glow on the bushes from the car’s blinkers.

On a technical note, I was surprised by the 5D camera sensor’s ability to record the faint stars. It was a 4.9 second exposure.