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What: storm

Ellis Island, New York City, May 2017

Amber, Salento, Italy, September 2014

Bird, Stormcloud, Wire, Rome, Italy, October 2008

Clearing Storm, South Dakota, US, June 2005

The downpour can be clearly seen here in the distance. Driving around storms and watching them from their edges defined my trip through Iowa and Eastern South Dakota.

Storm and Road, South Dakota, US, June 2005

The storms continued in Western South Dakota, always driving on the edge of them, somehow managing to avoid the downpours.

Tornado Warning, Near Thompson, Iowa, US, June 2005

Driving on the back roads in South Dakota, listening to the radio, the operator’s voice warning of powerful storms and possible tornados directly in our path, a palpable feeling of power in the air.

Shortly after the sky turned dark blue. Then dark grey. And then dark brown and black.

Tornado Warning #2, Near Thompson, Iowa, US, June 2005

The edge of the storm was frighteningly well-defined.

Tornado Warning #3, Near Thompson, Iowa, US, June 2005

Skirting the storm.

Storm Near Parco di Veio, Formello, Italy, May 2004

When I saw this on my way back home from work I stopped the car, got out and took several shots. It was a brief moment, the light from the setting sun on the layers of a fast-moving storm. A few minutes later, the cloud formations were gone.

Storm Over The Atlantic, Atlantic Ocean, off North-Eastern Brazil, December 2002

Heading to Italy.