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What: walk

145th Street and Broadway, New York City, 2017

Broadway and City Hall Park Path, New York City, 2015


Prehistoric cave paintings at Lascaux. I like play that slowly builds tension and then releases it with intensity and consequences. Maps. Sounds of nature. Long distances. The passage of time. Night and day cycles. Changing light. Clouds. Weather. Wind, foliage, animals, dust, fog, rain, lightning storms. A simple way to experience play is fiction. Games, books, music and films that tell us, a species of storytellers, stories, and help bring us closer, for art is a medium for creativity, a multiplier, which improves everything else needed for life.


Columbia University, New York City, November 2018

Via del Babuino, Rome, Italy, May 2018

Broadway, New York City, October 2018

42nd Street and 5th Avenue, New York City, October 2017

Columbia University, New York City, October 2015

Via di Sant’Andrea delle Fratte, Rome, Italy, January 2014

Happy Street Photography Day!

42nd Street, New York City, July 2016

East 86th Street and Lexington Avenue, New York City, April 2018

East Village, New York City, September 2017

5th Avenue, New York City, October 2015

Amsterdam Avenue at 116th Street, New York City, March 2017

Hudson River Greenway, New York City, July 2017