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Creating a Personal Website Using GitHub Pages

The GitHub mascot is known as an ‘octocat’ — a cross between two very intelligent animals. I drew the one above for you, dear reader. Summary: A brief overview of Git and GitHub followed by pointers to instructions on creating your own personal website hosted at for free. Git & GitHub Git is software for version control of files to help a person or a group of people do, publish and keep track of their work.


Simple Portfolio Website With Google Sites

An image showing the site template that includes Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa as an example portfolio piece.

Here’s a simple Google Sites template made to help anyone publish a portfolio of work online. A template for a résumé is also included in the about page.

International Plant Protection Convention Website

International Plant Protection Convention website homepage sketch.


Angelo Paionni Photographer Website

Website for Angelo Paionni.


IT Works Website

A graphic depicting the IT Works website.

IT Works

Website design


IT Works was a small, successful company specializing in custom software development projects. IT Works needed their expertise to be more widely known in order to expand their customer base.


A solid, accessible website built upon web standards was created. The simplicity of the site quickly and clearly sums up IT Works’ work.

Work Done

Graphic design, HTML markup, CSS.

O Tempo e o Vento Website design Problem A psychiatrist working in and around Rio de Janeiro, Brazil needed an anonymous place on the web to put his thoughts. He is not a computer expert and his access to computers is intermittent: the publishing system had to be easy, accessible and in Portuguese. Solution HyperTextHero designed a simple, elegant website which is as easy on the eyes as it is to publish to thanks to elegant open-source technology.