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Rime - Dante’s Workshop of the Heart, New York City, 2019

Poster design for the Global Dante Project of New York’s one-day conference happening at both lovely Italian houses of New York — the one near Columbia and the one near NYU. ¶ Directors: Maria Luisa Ardizzone · NYU & Teodolinda Barolini · Columbia University ¶ A One Day Conference · Friday · April 5 · 2019 ¶ Morning Session: Columbia (Italian Academy), 9 am–1 pm, 1161 Amsterdam Ave. (south of 118th St.) ¶ Afternoon Session: NYU, (Casa Italiana): 3 pm–6 pm, 24 West 12th Street (Greenwich Village) ¶ Presented By: New York University · Department of Italian Studies ¶ Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò · Medieval D Renaissance Center ¶ In Collaboration With: Columbia University · Department of Italian ¶ Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America.

Broadway Near Times Square, New York City, September 2015

Magdalena Baczewska Poster

Magdalena Baczewska poster. I photographed piano virtuoso Magdalena Baczewska for a poster for Columbia's Italian Academy, and leaves in Inwood Hill Park two days later. The idea to combine the two came while listening to Magdalena's performance of Bach's Goldberg Variations on harpsichord.

If you are in New York City on 18 November 2015 don’t miss her free concert at the Italian Academy.

Via Cola di Rienzo, Rome, Italy, July 2013

In Front of Chiesa di Altri Culti Valdese, Rome, Italy, June 2010

Flower #3, Bracciano, Italy, November 2007

Trees, South-Eastern California, US, July 2005

Heading into the California central valley.

Iron and Flowers, Palo Alto, California, US, April 2006

At the Stanford campus.

Desert Trees, Joshua Tree, California, US, January 2007

Eventually, I photographed some trees at Joshua Tree national park. The cloudy skies gave the place an eerie, outlandish feel.

Tree and Canyon Wall, Grand Canyon, Arizona, US, July 2005

Various different types of vegetation live and die at all elevations in the Grand Canyon. I almost always remember why I shot an image when looking at it again, even years later. The diagonal lines in contrast with the twisted tree branches had caught my eye here.

Humans are pattern-deciphering creatures, and, I believe, naturally attracted to patterns. Photography lets me be attracted to and explore patterns in a natural, instinctive way rather than in a forced, contrived way.

Working in a job you don’t like, doing things that you don’t care about, finishing school to go to college to get a job to make money to have ‘security’ in retirement and then, die—not doing what you love—these are examples of forced, contrived patterns.