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What: young man

Broadway, New York City, February 2017

Marat and Olivia, Rome, Italy, November 2014

By Via Formellese, Roma Nord, Italy, June 2015

West 34th Street and Eighth Avenue, New York City, March 2015

Times Square, New York City, April 2015

Close, but distant.

St. Marks Place & 3rd Avenue, New York City, March 2015

Firefighters in the East Village on 26 March 2015.

Bus, Rome, Italy, January 2011

Piazza del Risorgimento, Rome, Italy, March 2011

Piazza di Trevi, Rome, Italy, April 2012

Bar Peru, Rome, Italy, April 2012

GRS-20110727-195312, Cortona, Italy, July 2011

Via del Corso, Rome, Italy, October 2011

Mirador de San Nicolas, Granada, Spain, April 2011

Wedding, Wisconsin, July 2006

Pope John Paul II Beatification, Rome, Italy, May 2011