Simon Griffee Visual design, photography, writing, illustration

Video Game Writing

I can be hired to ✨play✨ and then write frankly about your video game for you. With over 35 years of playing experience, I will give you an excellent overview of where your game succeeds and where it needs more work.

🕹 Everything from gameplay, user interface, character and level design, to game world, sound, graphics, animation, multiplayer, default control settings and in-game tutorials will be discussed in detail.

🖼 I will include screenshots and reference notes with suggestions for improvement based on my experience with everything from the original Rogue to popular but relatively obscure games like Generation Zero, Jagged Alliance 2, and IL-2 Sturmovik, to large productions like Assassin’s Creed.

Currently I provide two types of deliverables:

Public Video Game Play Report

$500 one-time payment 💵

Private Video Game Play Report

$2000 one-time payment 💰

✏️ Email me at to get started.