Simon Griffee
Design consulting, art direction, photography.

January 2005

Personal Computing Hope

Published 2005 January 12

A photograph showing the Mac mini personal computer against a white background. The Mac mini's design is minimal, with only a CD slot and status light on the front.

Update, 16 Jan 2005: John Gruber’s commentary

Update, 20 Jan 2005: Mac mini disassembly

Update, 29 Jan 2005: Jeremy Keith: “What excites me is the thought that my friends, neighbours and family members can find out for themselves that using a computer can be fun and creative instead of frustrating and toilsome.”

Mylius Yachts

Brochure cover for the small yet pleasurable Mylius 11E25 37' Yacht.

Brochure design


A nascent Mylius Yachts needed an ‘electric’ brochure to electrify potential yacht buyers interested in small, feature-packed yachts.


I created the ‘Sailing Art’ advertising concept along with the Andy Warhol-inspired brochure cover and design. Mylius went on to sell a couple of 11E25s and design and build new, larger models.

Work Done

Concept, graphic design, layout and typesetting, printing consultation.

Mylius brochure cover showing a can reminiscent of Andy Warhol's Campbell's Tomato Soup. It has the words 'Mylius' Condensed Sailing Pleasure' written on the label. Mylius brochure pp1-2 spread showing the Mylius 11E25 yacht on the left side and text on the right with the Mylius logo which has 'Sailing Art' as a tagline. Mylius brochure pp3-4 spread showing photos of the Mylius 11E25 yacht exterior. The words 'Piacere Fuori' run across the page. Mylius brochure pp5-6 spread showing photographs of the 11E25 yacht interior. The words 'Piacere Dentro' are written in the center of the page. Mylius brochure pp7-8 spread showing a stylized diagram of the Mylius 11E25 yacht and photographs of it sailing. The words 'Sailing Pleasure' run across the bottom of the page. Mylius brochure pp9-10 spread showing a photograph of the Mylius 11E25 yacht sailing towards the camera. A nautical speed diagram similar in shape to the yacht's sail graphic design appears on the left page. The words 'Il piacere delle regate' appear. Mylius brochure pp11-12 spread shows photographs of the yacht's construction stages. The words 'Il piacere delle cose fatte bene' run on the left side of the page. Mylius brochure pp13-14 spread with technical specifications and diagrams of the 11E25 yach-t. The words 'Specifiche tecniche' run upwards on the left page. Mylius brochure back cover showing a series of repeating photographs of the 11E25 yacht with different tints, reminiscent of Andy Warhol's multiple-imagery work i.e. Marylin Monroe faces, flowers, cans of Campbell soup, etc.

The ad in a sailing magazine:

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