Simon Griffee
Design consulting, art direction, photography.

March 2008

V2 Day: Freedom of Information in Italy

Published 2008 March 26

Help free the Italian media on April 25th 2008.

Child in Procesión, Sevilla, Spain, March 2008

Published 2008 March 24

Part of upcoming project Libero Pensiero.

The woman behind the camera at Abu Ghraib

Published 2008 March 24

“Of course, the dominant symbol of Western civilization is the figure of a nearly naked man, tortured to death—or, more simply, the torture implement itself, the cross. But our pictures of the savage death of Jesus are the product of religious imagination and idealization. In reality, he must have been ghastly to behold. Had there been cameras at Calvary, would twenty centuries of believers have been moved to hang photographs of the scene on their altarpieces and in their homes?” — From The woman behind the camera at Abu Ghraib. by Philip Gourevitch and Errol Morris.


Published 2008 March 20

Photographs from Iraq and Afghanistan.

DAH: Know Yourself

Published 2008 March 20

“…you MUST establish who you are BEFORE you can BECOME ‘who you are’..” — David Alan Harvey

SLR and Rangefinder Viewfinders

Published 2008 March 20

“A long time ago I said that an SLR viewfinder lets you make pictures and a rangefinder’s bright line frame lets you take pictures.” — Bill Pierce (Nuts and Bolts - The Digital Journalist.)

Where Do You Live?

Published 2008 March 20

“So where I live, in photography, is in movement and in authenticity. And when you think about photographs that the mass of people accept as ”great," I believe most of them have the element of spontaneity in them, as well as the structure." — John Camp (The Online Photographer: Where Do You Live?)

Feeding the Birds, Rome, Italy, February 2008

Published 2008 March 11

Men Walking in Tree-Lined Street, Rome, Italy, February 2008

Published 2008 March 10

Street Scene in Esquilino, Rome, Italy, February 2008

Published 2008 March 10

How Many Cameras Do You Need

Published 2008 March 9

How many cameras do you need

Roger and Frances

Published 2008 March 9

Great writing. Lots of very useful information. Old-school site which reminds me of the truly personal, home-made homepages—the pioneers of the web.

Street Corner in Trastevere, Rome, Italy, February 2008

Published 2008 March 9

Morning in Abandoned Lot, Bracciano, Italy, February 2008

Published 2008 March 6

Platform 23 at Termini Station, Rome, Italy, February 2008

Published 2008 March 6

Rangefinder Cameras

Published 2008 March 6

Rangefinder cameras.

Plant Treaty Internal Website

A graphic depicting the PID Server website.

Plant Treaty Internal Website

Website design


IT Works was working on a website that helps the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA, phew!) do its job of facilitating the sharing of plant genetic resources among countries around the world.

IT Works needed the client-side of the website to be as easy to use as possible for an audience spread across most of the planet using a wide variety of computer systems and of varying computer skills.


I designed the front-end for the ITPGRFA internal website. An easily customizable site was made on a foundation of web standards with maximum usability, accessibility and simplicity. This ensured the site was as usable to someone with a modern computer and a DSL connection as to someone with an old machine and a 14400 bit/s modem.

Work Done

Graphic design, XHTML markup, CSS.

Tree in Circo Massimo, Rome, Italy, February 2008

Published 2008 March 3

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