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Illustration Work

I am available for freelance illustration work. Contact me.
Selected Clients: Columbia University, United Nations.

Plant Guardian Landscape

Woman looking into the sun in a verdant African landscape.

Key art made for an International Plant Protection Convention promotional video. Here are more details about the project. 🌱 ☀️

Cat Sleeping, New York City, 2020

Published 2020 August 8

Pencil and color marker on sketch paper.

Girl Flying Over Field, New York City, 2020

Published 2020 August 7

Pencil and color marker on sketch paper.

Antistasi Amazons, Altis, June 2020

Published 2020 June 12

Antistasi Amazons is a basic modification (mod) of a dynamic long-term “Capture The Island” mission called Antistasi for the video game landscape orienteering and combat simulator Arma 3. Read more at Hypertexthero.

Pencil Illustrations for the United Nations Archives

Pencil illustrations made to represent various concepts for the United Nations Archives.

Pencil illustrations made the the UN Archives Section.


Watercolor for Arjomand Poster, New York City, 2019

Published 2019 October 14

Watercolor painting for a poster announcing Ramin Amir Arjomand’s upcoming 2019 November 7th concert at Columbia University’s Italian Academy.

The poster:

Arjomand2019 Poster 24x16in B Watercolor

The flyer: Arjomand2019 Flyer 8.5x11in B Watercolor

Italian Music by Women Drawing, New York City, November 2018

Published 2018 November 26