Simon Griffee
Design consulting, art direction, photography.

dream - sunday, 07 july 2013, 05:38:37

Published 2013 July 7

driving by fenced field with vegetable gardens and reeds, i know the field was wild before, and someone has been shooting animals, bodies of a fox and another animal hanging on a barbed wire fence. a horse and a goat(?) are watching me pass, their heads over the fence next to the dead animals, can’t see whether they are attached to the fence or not, by the skin on the top of their heads. car is beeping, fuel gauge shows almost empty, there is a sort of metallic plastic foil over part of the steering wheel. now inside, walking into empty house, light swtiches don’t work, realize i haven’t spoken to or seen dad for a long time. begin calling out louder, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad! and i hear his cough, and he is there, in front of the computer in a corridor. he is putting super-glue on his eye to try and keep it closed. no! you can’t do that dad! but he doesn’t care, he wants the eye, the right eye, to close, and he puts the glue on it, on the eyelashes and the eyeball. his face now looks better and i tell him he looks good. now he suddenly does look good, younger, a young english actor look, jeans, wet, combed hair to the side. ‘i’m in contact with someone for work’. he says. i reply, ‘i can help you look for work, dad.’ he says ‘i may not be looking for work with whom you think’.